Why deVere

deVere has been a leader in the financial industry since its inception back in 2002. The group has grown exponentially since that time, garnering multiple industry awards for both its finance and FinTech divisions.

With a full product range, including designing and implementing multiple apps of its own, deVere is at the forefront as a financial advice technology provider. As one of the largest and most regulated advisory companies, deVere is a shareholder of multiple entities, such as WPS Advisory who stand as the advisor to members of several workplace pension schemes including the BBC, Rolls Royce, Total, Credit Suisse and London Stock Exchange.

Over the years, deVere has cultivated careful relationships in the sector, giving its teams bespoke access to products specifically tailored to the client's needs, along with technical support by industry-leading experts, marketing materials and administration back-up.

deVere is always in motion and continually expanding, creating new products to reach new sectors of the market with constant training and development to deliver those products in the best possible way. deVere boasts a comprehensive online training platform, delivering training on the go and keeping individuals up to date and informed.

With each new division come new opportunities for growth within the dedicated teams. Healthy career progression, through to senior management, is achievable by the most dedicated.

Through training and hard work, deVere's focus will guide the candidate through the ability to build successful and sustained relationships with clients to help them better navigate their financial future.

Motivation, leadership, personal training, and development to produce outstanding talent are at the forefront of deVere's commitment.

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