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“At deVere, there really is no question  that the company is entirely focused  on provision of the best international  financial advice”. Nigel Green - deVere Group CEO

deVere Group is one of the world’s leading independent financial consultancies. With over 80,000 clients, 50 offices servicing clients from across 100 countries and in excess of $10 billion under our advice and administration, the firm’s success speaks for itself.

At deVere Group, we help our clients achieve both financial and personal success. Our track record is clear evidence of this. Be it university or school fees, saving up for your retirement or keeping your assets safe, we can help.

With a client base that consists primarily of expatriates and international investors, deVere Group is constantly expanding its reach. We follow our clients all over the world on the belief that the only way to provide people with the prime service they deserve and the peace of mind they seek is to be where they are. As a result, our client base continues to grow, and now we must grow with it. We are looking for ambitious financial professionals to join our growing team and help us maintain the close-knit relationships with our clients for which they have come to know and value us.

Are you looking for a challenging yet rewarding career in financial services? If the answer is yes, then you could be the next member of our team!

Joining deVere Group means becoming part of a very successful company that is growing continuously. With our cutting-edge resources and partnerships with some of the world’s leading financial institutions, we are on a mission to bring our clients the best possible financial advice, tailored specifically to the needs and aspirations of each individual.

If you want to find out more about building a successful career with deVere Group, take a look at what we can offer you as a part of our team:


Join the winning team of deVere financial advisors around the world and get a chance to work within a culture of success with proven leadership and best resources from the world's leading financial institutions.
All the persons comprising of our elite leadership team started out as financial advisors. We believe in promoting from within and providing progression opportunities at all levels within the company.
Here at deVere, we strongly believe in growth and progress. In order to stand by this belief, we have dedicated teams of professional to support you in your journey to becoming a successful financial adviser.
Driven by success, our deVere Group is totally committed to being with you in every step towards reaching your own career goals. We have invested in the best resources at hand to help you develop into a successful deVere financial adviser.
Due mainly to its firmly-established presence in the market, deVere has developed strong partnerships with leading financial institutions in the industry, including JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, STM, and Generali, amongst others.
deVere is currently undergoing extensive expansion around the globe. As the largest independent international financial consultancy firm in the world, we need to ensure that as we grow, we continue to provide the accessible, independent financial advice that our clients can rely on, no matter where they are in the world.

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