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I work in the Gaborone office in Botswana and have worked here since July 2009. Prior to making the move and relocating my family to Botswana, I worked in the Cape Town office in South Africa from November 2007. I first read about the deVere Group in a Sunday Times advert, and immediately responded to the advert, I was recruited by one of the most inspirational managers I have ever met, by the name of Craig Featherby. His presentation really caught my attention and was immediately interested in working for the deVere Group. Since the start of my career within the deVere Group, I have grown as an individual, reaching new heights in my career and achieving my goals, and this is all down to helping my clients achieve there long term goals.

The support I have received over the 5 years of working with the deVere Group has been phenomenal, the support from the management team, the support from our product providers and the exclusive offerings by the deVere Group has helped me to firstly grow my client base and secondly help my clients with planning for educational planning or retirement planning and assist in achieving this. In simple terms, I help my clients achieve their dreams and this is the best job satisfaction in the world. I have had the opportunity to work with the best managers within the group, namely Craig Featherby, Andrew Mhere, Gavin Cooper and currently Samantha Bowen, and each manager has imparted valuable knowledge which has assisted me in my personal growth within the company, and not to mention the support I receive from our head office administrator Ann Marie and her team, the support adds so much value to the day to day running of our business and you in turn get to focus more on your clients’ needs.

The professional training support from the company has assisted me and inspired me to further my studies with the Chartered Institute of Investment and Securities and have so far completed my Introduction to Securities and Investments exam and my International Certificate in Wealth Management exam, which has added so much more value to helping my clients — as the saying goes, knowledge is key.

I am inspired by the fact that every day I am able to make a difference in someone’s life, and I have a phenomenal company structure in place to support me in helping others thus making a difference.

Julian Visser

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