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First off, I think I should explain my history. Having worked in the financial industry for too many years to mention, I constantly try to better my life and to a degree that of others around me. With this in mind, eight years ago I trained and became a Magistrate, (justice of the peace). This role proved to offer variety which enabled me to gain experience in many different factors.

It also made me want to work for a company which had strong morals and care.
deVere seemed the most natural progression for me.

When I joined deVere in January 2012, I chose the Czech republic, one because it was a small but growing office and two because of its locality to the UK for travelling back for my work as a Magistrate. I spoke to Peter Challenger a few times before coming out and he reassured me of the right decision I had made.

Peter had a small team around him at this time composed of one coordinator and one consultant. This was a good thing for me as Peter was able to build my product knowledge and company and area profile. Today, the Prague office has four consultants and five coordinators plus Peter. Not many companies quadruple their staff in just a few months unless they are the right company doing the right thing not at the right time but every time.

Our training in our office has been great, Peter sets aside Monday mornings and mid-week training and updates, also, we have product providers flying in to train us. The support also from our HQ is simply amazing, I cannot put into words the swiftness and expertise and also how friendly they really are. I thank you for your daily, sometimes hourly help you offer me.

In return from our training received, this offers value to our clients being guided to the right product and investment every time.

deVere’s success as I see it is built on listening to our clients’ needs. Because we are the world’s largest independent financial consultancy we can offer the right product. Also our service of maintaining and servicing our clients is second to none. I am yet to meet another financial consultancy who builds such rapport with their clients. It truly offers me peace of mind knowing our clients are cared for. As an example, one of my clients is the head chef of a very exclusive restaurant here in Prague and only last week he prepared a seven course meal for my wife and I and accompanied with some great wine. When we asked for the bill we were informed it was free for all the help and peace of mind we give him.

Our management team in Prague is Mr. Peter Challenger, I will forever be in this man’s debt. He has guided me to be successful and truly puts others around him first for their success and he deserves more than anyone to reap the rewards for building a great team around him.

My personnel growth in Prague has been down to my work history and my ethics in doing the right thing and also, again to Peter. As a consultant, I feel confident when someone becomes a client they will get great service for life with deVere. One day, I would like to manage an office or an area as I see this as a natural progression for myself.

Now as for living abroad this has been amazing. Every day you learn something new about the city you have moved too, new friends, new places and of course, some great food. My only sorrow was leaving my thirteen year old blind cat George but I don't think he saw me leave.

For me as a magistrate, I have built up a stubborn right from wrong attitude.
It has given me a strong sense of justice. deVere has a similar attitude in that our clients come first, not to neglect anyone no matter who the client is and servicing them correctly with integrity and honesty.

deVere stands out from the crowd as a market leader constantly striving to better its clients and itself.

deVere is a truly a great worldwide company servicing our clients on an individual basis.

Jonathan Rodway

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