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I joined the deVere Group as a financial consultant four years ago. At first I was worried to move abroad and work for a new company but from the moment the plane touched down I have never looked back. All the staff was very friendly and it was like working in a British office in the sun! There was great management and colleagues to help me settle in.  The support that I received helped me start up again in a new city and after six months of establishing myself I was enjoying my job more than ever.

After two years I was awarded the top global financial consultant award which was a great achievement and one that I will always be proud of. What made this possible was the fact that deVere is unique compared to any other company I have ever worked for. The company is always ahead of the rest, always striving to make sure that our clients have more choice and benefits in any financial aspect. Four years ago we had exclusive rights to Deutche bank only, now we have exclusive contracts with ING, Nomura, Citibank, RBS, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs! These companies want to put their names exclusively with the deVere Group and that I am very proud to be a part of. Whether you want a trading platform, forex account, will, health insurance, share dealing account, pension transfer or general advice in any financial goals you have, deVere have it all.

More choice, more offices, more back up support and more opportunities. What will we achieve in the next four years? Every institution wants to work with us and that puts us in a great position to exceed our clients’ expectations.  deVere also create great promotional opportunities to their staff. I was promoted to area manager two years ago which is very rewarding indeed. I take great pride and enjoyment in helping my staff assist clients. From here on, there is more room for progression which is to manage multiple countries and regions which is what I aim to be a part of.

What else can I say apart from the fact that I live in a great country and work for a great company with great people? This was a life changing move that I will always look back on.

Graham Bentley

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