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I have worked for deVere for a total of five years in both Asia and the Middle East. During that time I have held three different positions, starting in the entry level coordinator position and progressing to both a training manager role and for the past few years as a consultant. During my time with the company I have seen it evolve from being the industry leader to an unrivalled truly global financial services provider. deVere are consistently innovating and striving to find the best solutions for their clients and as a result the industry tries hard to follow deVere’s example. As an advisor, this makes my job so much easier, knowing that I have the very best tools in my armour in order to help my clients.

In all the positions that I have held within the company, I have found all the support that I was looking for. Every manager I have reported to has led by example and has taught me an awful lot. This, together with regular training and contact with the most highly regarded asset managers around the globe have contributed to my industry knowledge and that puts me in the best position to advise my clients. I have sat and passed five exams while with the company. I was actively encouraged to sit all of my exams, and some were mandatory.

It gives me real peace of mind knowing that all advisors within the company are being held to the same standards giving the client’s continuity. The reason I have worked for deVere for many years and will continue to do so is that I could not do a better job for my clients anywhere else. On top of this, I thoroughly enjoy the working environment which is highly driven and I benefit from rubbing shoulders with the industries’ most successful people. Having already progressed within the company, I’m fully committed to continue my development and look forward to managing my own office/country/region in the future. I am truly grateful to deVere for the opportunities they have given me.

Gareth Jones

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