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I work for deVere South Africa based in Johannesburg. I have been with the company for approximately four months and have been very impressed with the corporate ethics, training and support since I have joined. I would only work for a reputable company and the official guidelines that are handed down on how we deal with clients fit in with my personal work ethics on how we do business which is very important to me and I wouldn’t work for a company that did not place its clients’ interests above everything else in level of importance. I have had a successful first few few months, have built a nice pipeline and had five sign-ups, the first being in my 7th week.

The training programme is an on-going process, with fund managers and the like visiting our offices frequently. We can request one to one sessions whenever needed and the company expects us to attain official accreditations as soon as possible to add to the credibility of us an individuals and as a company. I have an office manager and team leader, both of whom are approachable for any questions or issues I might need to discuss, however I can also speak to anyone else in the office for assistance or advice whenever I need it and so far everyone has proved most helpful and accommodating.

I think deVere’s product range is second to none as all the products we offer are vehicles that can then be tailor-made/customised to each individual client. I would not work for a company and sell its products if I did not believe in the range myself. The fact that I was willing to move 5500 miles from home to work for deVere is testimony to my faith and belief in the company and its products.

I am hoping for a long and successful career with deVere; to work on my personal growth and achieve as many financial accreditations as I can to continue to service my clienst in the way that is most beneficial to them and in turn building a good solid reputation for myself, earning a very good living and having the opportunity to move to other countries and manage my own office and then a region one day.”

Damon Shurville

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