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As the founder and CEO of deVere Group, Nigel Green’s business philosophy centers on putting the client’s needs first.
Green believes that working closely with each client to understand their unique circumstances is the only way to help them construct the best possible plan of action toward achieving their financial goals.

Committed to delivering sound advice on safeguarding asset security at a bespoke level for each of his clients, Green expresses a determined attitude in advocating a fair and reasonable financial environment. This standpoint has naturally compelled him to campaign against the severity of certain parameters, including FATCA. Through such campaigns, Green aims to establish more judicious circumstances to help ensure the security of personal assets for all those who would otherwise be affected. Green’s arguments to support his campaigns can be seen on the Nigel Green Blog as well as his YouTube podcasts.



The Entrepreneur

Like his father before him, Nigel Green dove into the world of financial services as a young adult.

Green began his career in London, finding his feet in one of the most competitive and exciting financial arenas in the world. He remained in London for 15 years, until he made the move to establish deVere & Partners. Based in Luxembourg, the company’s aim was to offer professional financial services to expatriates.  

deVere Group as we know it today was launched in 2002, when Nigel Green established an office in Hong Kong.

The company was and continues to be bolstered by Green’s willingness to consider any market in order to serve the increasing number of expats in need of international financial advice.

As a result, deVere Group’s reach has grown considerably over the years. With over 70 offices around the world, including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Moscow, London, Miami, New York and Hong Kong, the Group strives to go where the clients go. deVere Group now holds a unique global position as the company that expatriates can turn to, no matter where they are in the world.

With more than 80,000 active clients and in excess of $10 billion under administration, deVere Group is synonymous with professionalism, dedication and trustworthiness. This dynamic firm continues to grow thanks to Green, who continues to push for growth in order to sustain the Group’s strong global presence and bring its clients the results they deserve.

Despite this expansion, Nigel Green remains committed to every aspect of the business he first established, passing on his vision to all of the firm’s employees.

Now, as one of the world’s leading independent financial consultancy firms, deVere Group works to provide expats and international investors from around the globe with independent, expert financial advice on savings, bonds, life insurance, pensions and structured products. Furthermore, deVere Group is licensed correctly in all the jurisdictions in which it operates.



Working with Nigel Green at deVere Group

Nigel Green is approachable, endlessly positive and very low-key; moving from one office to another with great ease. He keeps a keen eye on day-to-day operations within the firm, an approach which has, without a shadow of a doubt, helped the Group achieve the success that continues to grow.

Following the example set by Nigel Green, deVere Group gives its Financial Advisers access to all the resources they need for successful wealth management. The deVere Group invests heavily in its selection and training of Financial Advisers. In fact, standards are set high so that only the most dedicated and visionary persons are part of the global firm, allowing us to offer clients nothing short of pristine, professional and personalised advice.


Nigel Green deVere wins Ops business Person of the Year Award

On April 24th 2015, FTF announced that CEO Nigel Green deVere, had won the Ops Business Person of The Year award.

The FTF News Awards recognise the work and achievements accomplished by finance professionals, service providers, regulators and industry experts throughout the year.

Maureen Lowe, Founder and President of FTF, commented on the occasion saying: "We had more than 250 nominations overall and nearly 10,000 votes, making this year's awards season the most competitive FTF has ever seen.

"Nigel Green should be congratulated for his hard work and achievements in 2014. To be recognised as being the best by the industry itself is something to be truly proud of."

Nigel Green deVere won the award due to his extensive work campaigning against the highly controversial Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, better known as 'FATCA', a far-reaching U.S. tax law that came into effect last summer.

Commenting on the occasion, Nigel Green deVere said: "FATCA is a subject on which I feel compelled to speak out on.

"I am incredibly pleased to receive this award and would like to offer sincerest thanks to FTF for my inclusion and to everyone who voted for me.

"I believe that I was able to garner so many votes because FATCA has negatively impacted so many people and companies around the world, and it could seriously harm the U.S., and therefore the global, economy. As such, people appreciate those of us who have publicly fought for this toxic piece of legislation to be resigned to the history books”.

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