Why you should work in FinTech

11 Sep 2019

FinTech is an in-demand, ever-expanding industry that has revolutionised the financial sector today. Technology has played a big part in changing many career paths, and finance is no exception. Even with chaos surrounding Brexit, FinTech has seen continuous growth. In fact, the FinTech market is expected to be worth over $200 billion by 2021. With a figure so notable, it is no surprise that you’d be considering a career path like this one. Here are some benefits you should consider:

  • Fintech offers a wide variety of jobs

Since FinTech is fairly new yet incredibly popular, many interesting jobs are continuously emerging. The large option enables inexperienced graduates and others new to the industry to find a suitable role too. Thanks to the diverse range available, you may find anything from highly technical positions, to the more creative roles in the industry – such as marketing. There really is something for everyone! 

  • It’s exciting

FinTech is altering the traditional ways of finance and therefore makes for an exciting, energetic environment. In a FinTech business, your surroundings are bound to be inspiring, innovative and bursting with creativity. On top of that, FinTech workers generally have the opportunity to work with some of the most advanced technology. How could that ever bore you?! 

  • There’s always room for growth

With an expanding industry like FinTech, new roles are always being created. Since the sector is growing rapidly, those new to the industry can benefit from many responsibilities early on into their career. Not only does this keep you on your toes and striving to work hard, but it also paves the way for a successful career. 

  • It provides overseas opportunities

FinTech is growing all across the globe, meaning that if you commit yourself to this career line, you can always opt to move to another city or country if you’re ever craving a change of scenery. Certain career paths, such as law, can be off-putting to individuals who would prefer to not be tied down to one specific country. If you can relate, then FinTech just might be the ideal career path for you. 

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