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deVere Group in the press 3rd July to the 22nd July 2016


Sterling jumps, FTSE falls following BoE holding rates

How FTSE 100 could plunge to 5,000

Key 'buy' signal investors should look for

UK pensions at risk like never before, says deVere CEO

Defined-benefit pensions: killing our economy for all the wrong reasons

FTSE 100 makes 11-month high

Nigel Green: Investors are craving more certainty and stability in the UK

Markets buoyed by Theresa May’s appointment

Financial markets welcome Andrea Leadsom quitting UK’s Prime Minister race


Brexit could lead to more Brits moving their pensions abroad

UK pensions caught in the “perfect storm”

Britain's New Prime Minister Faces These 6 Challenges

Britain's New Prime Minister Faces These 6 Challenges

Brexit presents big opportunities for the UK

Viewpoint: It's time for investors to 'go global'

U.S. Stocks Rally? Think Twice About Overexposure to U.S. Markets

Brexit leads to 50 per cent spike in mortgage enquiries

Overseas buyer enquiries up 50% post-Brexit

DeVere reports 50% rise in overseas mortgage enquiries post-Brexit vote

DeVere: expat mortgage enquiries up 50% post Brexit

Brexit vote spikes overseas buyers enquiries, says broker

Overseas mortgage enquiries up 50% since Brexit: DeVere

Theresa May, Brexit and risk and safe assets: A snapshot of global financial markets

DeVere UK division awarded chartered status

DeVere UK attains chartered financial planner status




deVere Group in the press 27th June to the 3rd July 2016


The politics, economics and investment implications of Brexit

Brexit to fuel demand for overseas pension transfers

Adoption of the rand will encourage foreign direct investment

South African Rand Adoption Could Work for Zimbabwe Argues deVere Group

South African Rand Adoption For Zimbabwe Should Boost Investment & Be Championed



deVere Group in the press 17th to the 23rd August 2015


China Fears Send the Dow and S&P 500 to Worst Week Since 2011

Dow drops more than 500 points as US markets plummet amid global sell-off

FTSE 100 preview: Index set for hefty loss as China rout continues

FTSE posts worst weekly loss of 2015

Britain's FTSE 100 posts worst weekly loss of 2015

Global growth jitters rattle world markets

Oil hits longest losing streak since 1986 as markets fall in worst bloodbath of the year

US stock markets follow global plunge as China concerns deepen

China fears hand Wall St. its worst day since 2011

Panic over financial doomsday is overdone, expert says

You're planning for retirement all wrong

There is no bond bubble that is about to burst, says Pattullo

James Green deVere Group Profile

5 Things to Know About the Economy This Week

China triggers market strife: Footsie loses £46bn and Wall Street hits six month low as investors go into 'panic mode'

Clone firms pose consumer threat

Britain's FTSE hits eight month low after China data

US STOCKS-Wall St set to fall as weak Chinese data adds to growth fears

Stock markets fall worldwide amid panic sparked from Chinese factory slump

Dow drops more than 500 points as US markets plummet amid global sell-off

FTSE Records Biggest Weekly Loss Of 2015

Chinese turmoil drives the FTSE 100 to an eight-month low

With higher rates looming, should I rebalance assets?

Britain's FTSE hits eight month low after China data

Panic over financial doomsday is overdone, expert says



deVere Group in the press 10th to the 16st August 2015


Abu Dhabi Gets Straight A’s In Credit Rating Review

Why British expats are flocking to Cape Town

FATCA Fails Fair And Just Test Of Good Law Making

Cape Town in the top five destinations for young British expats

Qatar Construction Boom Fuels Explosive Growth

VisitFlorida’s goal of attracting more British tourists through soccer sponsorship

Nigel Green, CEO of the deVere Group

Dubai in top 5 overseas destinations for UK expats


FATCA Fails Fair And Just Test Of Good Law Making

Bull and Bear: Oil nears new six-year low and markets sell


Two thirds of Briton’s under 40 thinking about quitting the UK



deVere Group in the press 27th to the 31st July 2015


LONDON MARKET MIDDAY: China Stock Market Reversal Weighs On US Futures

FTSE 100 warning levels revealed

Prepare for major selloff in China ETFs at U.S market open

Shanghai stock tumble hits global markets

DeVere suspends ‘misleading’ Qrops website

Your Biggest Retirement Error: You're Doing It Wrong

Huge increase in 'pension liberation' scams since rule changes

Markets Flinch Amid Chinese Freefall

Expats Seek Tax Overhaul

Postcards from China: What US investors can learn

Advisers say China drop isn't done yet, but calm clients on the downslide

Shanghai stock tumble hits global markets

Chinese stocks plunge: should UK investors run for cover?

Do you need to “China-proof” your portfolio?

Pension liberation fraud – what to look out for

Beijing‘s bull market battle plan backfires: Shanghai suffers renewed sell-off as Chinese authorities grapple with volatility

Panic as China suffers ANOTHER stock market crash with largest shares fall in EIGHT years



deVere Group in the press 20th to the 26th July 2015


UAE residents crushed by a mountain of debt

Meeting Life’s Problems Head-On Alongside You

The true cost of China’s multibillion-dollar market intervention

Contrarian: A 'radical' Budget under the microscope

How 'Non-Vanilla' Bonds Can Fend Off A Fed Rate Hike

Tesco Share Price Could Now Struggle at Upper Limit of Recent Range

Is lacklustre gold losing its aura as a safe haven?

Expats Seek Tax Overhaul

Non-doms should urgently review their tax affairs, warns adviser

Increasing worry about market downturn – expert

The Top 3 Financial Concerns of Boomers Approaching Retirement

Rand cost averaging: Drip feed to limit stress

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