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I currently work in Botswana in the Gaborone office.  This is a fantastic office, a real team of people who work hard for themselves but are also happy to assist colleagues and it is a real vibrant, friendly atmosphere.

deVere has given me the opportunity to really push myself, it has been a massive learning curve over the past two and a half years but has been rewarding too.  Travel has always been a hugely important thing for me, and from here I have been able to explore Botswana and all of its fantastic wildlife, elephants, lions, zebras, cheetahs, leopards, impala, kudu, ostrich, springbok, crocodiles etc, etc, etc!  I have also been fortunate enough to visit the breath-taking Victoria falls, Sun City, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban to name but a few.  I was also fortunate enough to go to two matches during the world cup.  I have experienced so many once in a lifetime opportunities and I will always be thankful I took the gamble and tried.

Within my job, I have been able to do a lot of regular savings, lump sum investments, life insurance and QROPS.  By far, my best success came with QROPS, earning over £35,000 in a single deal.

The assistance from both Andrew Mhere and Sam Bowen has really helped me throughout. They are passionate leaders and have really helped motivate me and teach me since I joined.  The products we have available, especially with the structured notes are amazing and in current market volatility have been ideal for all lump sum clients.  It is incredible to be able to offer my clients products such as these which really do have a positive impact on their lives.  By far the best thing about deVere is the products we have.

I have also really enjoyed the rewards from deVere, from the stunning hotel on the training course in Knightsbridge, to the conferences in South Africa and the Christmas party last year in London which was immense.

The training and CISI exams have been very useful, I was really motivated by deVere paying for the exam if you passed it but not if you failed.  It really pushed me to study hard and succeed.

Overall I love my experience here in Botswana with deVere and hope that it will long continue!

Richard Gartland

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