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At deVere Group, we understand the crucial role our employees play within our business. That is why we are completely committed to them and take pride in investing time, energy and resources to provide all the tools yourequire to grow and achieve success as financial advisers with deVere Group.                                                 


When you join our team, we will provide:                                                   

  • Full Training – deVere’s targeted training courses are designed to equip you with top notch knowledge of the industry. Upon completing the program, you will understand what we do, how we do it and how you fit within our team. Every detail of your position at deVere Group will be explained to make sure you are all set to take the leap into the next stage of your career with us.

  • International Qualifications – Our partnerships with world class institutions, such as the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments, will provide the guidance and in-depth knowledge our employees need to become professional financial advisers.

  • Mentoring – Working beside successful people encourages success in others. That is why, with the help of our Management team, you will be doing just that. The team will help you integrate seamlessly within the company by providing you with both on-field coaching and virtual support. Our leaders are fully committed to guiding and motivating you so that you will reach your goals and surpass your expectations.

  • Defined Career Path – We believe in the potential for success in each of our financial advisers. That is why we prioritise promoting from within. If you work hard and prove yourself, it won't be long before progression opportunities present themselves.

  • Access to Exclusive Market-Leading Products – Thanks to the valuable relationships we maintain with institutions such as JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Generali and STM Group, our financial advisers are entitled to offer our clients unique financial products. Our ability to offer these exclusive products, coupled with the weight the deVere Group carries within the industry, means our advisers have a distinct edge over the competition.

  • Ahead of the Market – deVere Group’s dedicated team of experts is continuously designing new products for our clients that are in line with shifts in current market trends. They are also always on the lookout for new laws and regulations around the world in order to protect you and our clients.

  • Best Tools – To provide clients with an easily-accessible platform to buy, manage and sell their funds, no matter where they are, deVere has invested heavily in Information Technology and launched its own Fund Platform that can be downloaded as an application. Such an investment makes your job both easier and more enjoyable. To ensure that inconvenience does not hinder your growth opportunities, our dedicated IT team provides full support whenever you need it.

  • On-Going Support – At deVere, great importance is placed upon you having the resources you need. That is why you will have the key departments working hand-in-hand with you at all times. Hundreds of dedicated administrators make up the back office, and they are always ready to provide any support you may require.

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