Total Commitment. Total Success. Totally deVere.  

At deVere, we are driven by success and are totally committed to be with you in every step towards reaching your own goals. We have invested in the best resources at hand to help you develop into a successful Financial Adviser.

We will provide you with hands-on support for a seamless transition:

Discovery Phase – Your manager will contact you to further discuss your role and introduce you to the high-end products and services that deVere offers.
Support Phase – Upon arrival at deVere, your manager will help you familiarise yourself with the new role at your chosen location. We will help you with:
  • On-site support
  • Premium back-office support
  • Facilitation of access to deVere resources
  • Coordinating your work station
Transition Phase – Assistance and support is always available for you from our network of professionals in order to help you develop your skills and abilities, enabling you to explore growth opportunities within deVere.

Thanks to its leading market presence, deVere has developed strong alliances with some of the biggest financial institutions in the world, including JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, STM, and Generali, amongst others.

The ties we developed throughout the years allow us to offer our clients unique products that are specifically designed for them and available worldwide, wherever they choose to live. Above all, we offer these products with a service standard that is second to none.

The investment insights that deVere has established, together with the strength of its partners, allows Financial Advisers who have the opportunity to work for us to get an unbeatable set of resources that allows them to offer professional, personalised advice.

We go to the extra mile with our partners to make sure that we are always on top of our game with the latest and best possible offering for our clients and our collaborations with award-winning partners improve the quality of a wide range of services, including professional wealth management, goal structuring, and worldwide investments.

Moreover, deVere also has dedicated researchers that conduct in-depth market analysis for our Financial Advisers, providing them with key insights and opportunities that are then presented to the client for their consideration.




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